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Starbucks Coffee Stores Locator

by Captain Mocha on

If you are ever in the need to find Starbucks coffee near you or in an unfamiliar town, then you won't be stranded. Any Starbucks can be found through no matter where you are. Get your caffeine from your favorite Starbucks location!... Read full article

Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Coffee Shop: Check-in Loyalty Program

by Captain Mocha Coffee Marketing on

As 2014 almost 96% of all online searches for businesses are occurring on mobile devices. It makes sense for you as a business owner to capitalize on this growing trend. ... Read full article

McDonald's offers free McCafe coffee after Taco Bell breakfast rollout

by Ricardo Lopez on

The breakfast fast-food war is boiling over. Taco Bell on Thursday rolled out its new breakfast menu, a waffle taco, across more than 5,500 stores in the U.S. McDonald's, then decides to offers a free small cup of coffee to customers.... Read full article

Best Coffee Shops in Santa Cruz California

by Captain Mocha on

Santa Cruz citizens and UCSC students LOVE coffee! Some of the best coffee roasters are located near UCSC in Santa Cruz CA. Most of these local Santa Cruz coffee shops offer premium and exotic blends that you rarely find anywhere else. ... Read full article

Coffee drinkers live longer

by Nate Curtis on

There is recent data regarding the health benefits of coffee. Coffee drinkers are thought to live a little bit longer than non - coffee drinkers ... Read full article

Healthier Coffee - 5 ways to make java the ultimate experience

by Sandeep Godiyal on

Traditionally, coffee has had a pretty bad name. But as of late, coffee has been coming into its own by being beneficial if used on a daily basis. ... Read full article