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Espresso Machine, Espresso

An espresso in itself is a unique drink thanks to perfect blending of the coffee, milk and flavors making it the favorite hot beverage for coffee lovers all over the world. Espresso making is a technique in itself; good coffee flavor is squeezed perfectly and made to fill a one and half ounce coffee shot. Most coffee lovers like preparing the espresso by themselves. However, guidelines to finding the best espresso machine need to at your figure tips.

There are basic rules to preparing an espresso irrespective of where you come from. To begin with, the water must be hot but not boiled, finely ground coffee attained by adjusting the right amount of pressure on the porta filter. Keep in mind that extremely cold weather need finer ground coffee.

Different espresso machines cater for different purposes. There are those that give you control over the process of making that espresso cup while others automatically make that espresso for you. Espresso machines are either manual or semi-automatic, letting you decide on how long that shot will be prepared. For these two, you are required to have a separate grinder to grind the finest and freshest tasting coffee. Super automatic espresso machines work with the press of a button; it grinds, extracts, dispenses and disposes the puck on your behalf. After that, you can go ahead to enjoy your coffee with steamed milk to get that creamy taste.

However, there are those who prefer a single cup of coffee after waking up in the morning. The American kitchens are popular with drip coffee makers as they prepare single shots of coffee. Coffee percolators come in two versions; stovetop and electric, vital in brewing strong coffee.

Espresso Machines Review

We drink espresso mainly because of the flavor. An 8 ounce cup of espresso contains 95mg of caffeine. The flavor is mainly brought about by the oils found in the coffee bean and the cream. It is for this reason what you should get a good machine to extract coffee with.

Just like any appliance, an espresso requires maintenance. In addition, you ought to know how to use the machine while also ensuring it fits your lifestyle.

Drive Mechanism

Espresso machines come in different designs meant to produce a good shot of espresso. They come in the following mechanisms;

Steam- driven- This operates by forcing water through the ground coffee using steam pressure. It is used to make multiple types of coffee and is suitable for low cost customers as it has no moving parts.

Piston -driven- The piston driven type include Gaggia espresso machine, which basically function by pushing a lever which in turn pressurizes hot water that sends it through the ground coffee. This art is called pulling a shot as the lever used in producing the shot of coffee is long and has to be pulled.

Pump-driven- This works by producing a force necessary for brewing that tasty espresso and is preferred by most commercial espresso bars. It also accepts cold water pumped from a line supply although the water reservoir must be filled by hand.


Each espresso made should strike a balance of sweet, acidic and bitter, with a thick layer of cream on top. However, the type of machine you use is a great determinant of the shot of coffee you are likely to get. Finer grinds of coffee come from machines with pressurized porta filters or filter baskets. They go ahead to making tasty espresso in the long run.

Espresso machines can also be used to make cappuccino. It has the ability to make tight micro foam, depending on the type of milk used in making the cappuccino; whole, low fat, skim, soy, and almond. What is required is the milk to boil to a temperature of between 150 and 155 degree F. You also have to select the best automatic steaming option.

Commercial espresso machine are expensive compared to those meant for home use. The reason is the vibratory pump required to make a good espresso. For instance, commercial espresso machine use pressure of up to 9 bars while those used in homes use 15 bars of pressure. Getting a commercial espresso machine with over 9 bars of pressure means that it will cost more.


The ease at which you can use your machine is vital, making automatic espresso machine the preferred choice. With manual machines, you are not going to get a good grind and taste of the coffee you so like, not counting the expertise needed to operate the machine.

Moreover, you need to know what type of maintenance your machine requires. One may use the manufacturer’s instructions which are easy, making the process of cleaning it on a daily basis simple.

Take note of details like the removable cup tray or an adjustable cup head that allows bigger cups to fit in the machine when serving the espresso. Your cup warming tray should always be function as espresso cools of quickly after being prepare. An auto turn off feature comes in handy if you are so forgetful and leave the machine on.

Other Factors to Look For In an Espresso Machine


This is meant to prevent accidents, for example burns or leaving the machine on all day. However, most espresso machines warm after grinding coffee. They also have status light indicators to prevent accidents in case the machine is turned on accidentally and an auto shut off feature.


The type of accessories you get is dependent with the type of machine you intend to buy. Super automatic espressos do not have much accessories compared to manual and semi-automatic machines that come with accessories like pot filters. However, in general, the machine must come with a tamping tool and a measuring spoon.

Warranty and Support

Check the machine for a solid confirmation that it’s not faulty. Normal warranties are valid for one to two years. Most manufacturers have care desks that have phone numbers and emails to respond to any complaints. In addition, most manuals are posted online.


There are espresso machines that go for less than $200 while others go for over $1000. While price may not be a major factor as comparing to getting that desire flavor and taste of coffee, getting a cheap espresso machine especially for beginners may be the best option. This will help you understand the basics needed in operating an espresso machine and after gaining experience, you can upgrade to better and more expensive ones.

Verdict and Recommendations

Based on the above factors, you can select a good espresso machine from the following brands;

The KRUPS Falcon- This machine produces thick, rich cream in every shot. It has the top rated machine and highly recommended by many coffee lovers. It allows one to fully customize its settings, from the language program, brightness, auto off and on function, water hardness and temperatures of the coffee you so like. Its futuristic frother does not need much or regular maintenance as it appears when needed. It also makes creamy milk form cappuccino. Moreover, it is easy and quick to clean it.

The Nespresso Citiz Bundle- It comes with a separate milk frother, which works efficiently and effectively unlike steam wands in other machines. It produces consistent shots of coffee, with much ease to use. One simply presses a button and your espresso is prepared instantly. When it comes to cleaning, your work is only to empty the bin of pods once it’s full.

Saeco Intuita- This machine produces a consistent coffee flavor each time. It is super auto but only uses already fine coffee. Despite this, it is one of the most convenient choices of expresso machines as it holds over 50 ounces of water in its water reservoir hence no need to keep refiling it after every shot of coffee. Additionally, it has warning signals that alert you on when to fill the water reservoir, empty the puck drawer and when the coffee bean holder is low.

Gaggia- Despite being a manual espresso machine, it also ranks top in making good coffee thanks to its steam wand, making creamy, sweet steamed milk. It is also has multiple steel details to ensure that its style and design blends well with modernity and tradition of the Italian inventor and coffee lovers.

DeLonghi- This cheap espresso machine produces good coffee but does not shut off automatically. However, it boast of being a 15 bar pressure coffee maker hence making coffee ground from high pressure. It has filter baskets, capable of getting one that single or double shot of coffee while on the go. In addition, it requires extra care when it comes to keeping it clean.

Buying the best espresso machine means you get to enjoy the perfect shot of coffee you so love while saving a couple of dollars annually just by preparing the coffee by yourself. An espresso machine is all about control you have over it in order to get that precise taster, temperature and cream that needs to be in your shot of espresso.