Nation’s online directory of coffee shops, tea rooms rolls out new features and functionality to help coffee lovers find the nearest and best coffee shops based on user-generated reviews.—the coffee industry’s best online search directory of shops, events, jobs, and deals for coffee lovers. medical marijuana industry’s first online search and booking platform for medical marijuana evaluations—today announced the addition of innovative new features to its website. connects patients with the best local coffee shops cafes, tea bars and now offers local deals coupons and check-in offers for cafes.

Key New features of’s Latest Release:

Drive business to your customers via Deals and Coupons

Deals and Coupons are great for driving business to your sponsors. Sponsors can create cafe deals or coupons with their listing, setting time limits and amount available for their offers, and visitors can redeem right from the site, and share the opportunity with their contacts via social networks. Redeem Redeem with either facebook or email, creating a unique deal code that a visitor can take the business. Sponsor reporting shows all the redemptions and contact information. Simple Visitors can print a code and take it to the business to pay, freeing you from the headaches of collecting money or sending payouts. Deals go viral with Social When redeeming with Facebook, it prompts the user to posts to their feed, sharing the deal socially and driving more traffic to your site.

Self Service Business Owner Section Makes Managing Your Café Listing Easy

The CaptainMocha business owners section was designed to allow you to create their own listings, upload photos, pay, and even manage your. You can also view listing traffic statistics, leads and publicly respond to reviews. Respond & Share Reviews Café listing owners will receive an email when your café listing has a new review. You can login and add a management response. There are also convenient sharing buttons to promote sharing of your café listings on social media. Statistics The CaptainMocha backend shows ROI is critical for monitoring your online traffic. Café shop owners can see detailed statistics about views and click-throughs each listing is receiving. The report can be configured and emailed each month.

Pens to Papers, Article Marketing with the CaptainMocha complete full featured Article Directory

Authors, articles, images and linking. It's all here, everything you need to publish your own articles, direct links to your site. Beautiful Visual Design! Beautifully designed article pages give your publication a professional image. Add a photo gallery to your article to engage readers and drive page views. Engage the Readers Users can comment on articles via the built in commenting module, or by using Facebook Comments. Allow the discussion to build engagement and more traffic to your sites and stores.

Drive Your Own Content

We allow café shop owners to write articles, post articles, and backlink to your own websites! Put your Events on stage with the Events directory module Showcase events for your directory with the fully featured events module, show upcoming events direct on your homepage, and know that they'll look great to boot.  So when customers are searching on Google for find coffee near me, your cafe will populate in the local searches.

Cafe Related Classifieds

Classified Done Right Advertise Jobs, show items for Sale, customise the classifieds module to do whatever you want. Adverts, sales, it's a one stop shop for getting your classifieds on your directory. Robust Classifieds show all the information you need to make a great directory, including description, photos, price and contact information. Auto-expiration / Auto Renewal At the end of the term specified, the listing owner will get an automated email to renew.

Beautifully Designed A great looking design is the key a successful site. “Our goal has always been to connect coffee lovers with great local coffee shops for cups of Joe, meetings, WiFi, food, and lounging. said EJ Scott, CEO of “Each café offers a variety of menus and amenities, and they deserve to highlighted. CaptainMocha has developed services to simplify that process for cafes, which ultimately helps the customers and helps add a new revenue stream for café owners in the ever-caffeinating coffee industry.” offers monthly subscriptions to cafes that are looking to expand their customer base in the very profitable coffee industry. Thousands of java lovers in every state in the United States turns to every month for the best local java deals, tea rooms, hotspots, check-in deals. Also explore our coffee blog for info on coffee shop marketing. 

About was founded to act as the best Coffee Pirate and help java lovers find the best cafes near them. supplies the caffeine fanatics with top locations to find lattes, mocha, espresso, cups of Joe, cappuccino, and mochaccinos. We offer the best deals platform – just download and take it with you! Coffee Cafes can add check-in deals to be obtained from the iPhone and Android mobile apps