There a few aromas in the world as rich and delectable as fresh ground coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee you buy in the supermarket is usually pre-ground and has lost much of its intoxicating smell as well as full bodied taste. The loss of smell and favor of roasted beans that have been pre-ground is due to oxidation, where the grounds are exposed to air. For this reason, many caffeine lovers are purchasing coffee grinders, so that each pot of coffee comes from beans that have been freshly ground. Why only grind enough for one pot? As ground coffee loses its freshness quickly, it's best to just put in the measurement of coffee you want and push a button. Today's coffee grinders make it easier than ever to do this simple step. If you don't have time, you can grind your beans the night before, if you set up your morning coffee ahead of time. It will still make a rich, delicious eye-opening beverage to start your day right.

When you own a coffee grinder, you have so many fabulous choices of how to have your favorite caffeinated beverage. Most coffee grinders come with grind settings, so that you can choose how fine or coarse you want your end product. For the most flavorful coffee, it is best to set your machine to a finer setting rather than coarser to get the strongest aroma and taste.

For coffee enthusiasts, it is also possible to buy your coffee beans pre-roasted. They are green in color and require roasting before grinding. These green coffee beans are usually sold in specialty shops; however, some upscale supermarkets carry them as well. When choosing roasted coffee beans, make sure the packaging is dark and airtight and store your unused beans in a cabinet or in the freezer, away from air, heat and moisture. Be sure to reseal the package after each use to keep in the flavor and freshness.

For those who love espresso, you will love experimenting with different grinds to see the nuances in aroma and flavor they produce. Espresso coffee is rich, dark and can have flavor notes from deep caramel to licorice. Adding espresso "shots" to a regular cup of coffee are all the rage, and you can become quite the at home barista by trying different recipes. Imagine a steaming demi cup of freshly ground espresso garnished with lemon zest or enhanced with a drop of liquor for dessert.

The differences is clear that a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans tastes different than from coffee that comes already ground for brewing. You don't need to go to a fancy coffee bar to have fabulous coffee at home any time. Coffee grinders come in many styles, from simple push and whirl styles to beautiful machines that are not only great for everyday, but will be the talk of conversation at your next dinner party when after dinner coffee is served.