Bambu Coffee & Snacks San Jose, CA


Bambu Coffee & Snacks San Jose, CA San Jose, CA Coffee Shops Cafes reviews, locations, open hours coffee reviews, maps, directions. When you need that cup of java, want to find espresso for your cup of latte, cappucino, or your favorite barista! Caffiene high is worth the search! Search Wifi, locations, stores locator, meeting spots, places to interview and more. Why does a fresh cup of joe get to our best local coffee shop? Roasted beans? brewing espresso aroma? lattes from expert baristas? Hanging out the cafe patio? Using free Wifi? Or just the overall cafe experience to get more caffeine! Search Bambu Coffee & Snacks San Jose, CA for local caffeine deals, coupons, & WiFi locations today! Search Near San Jose State University

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