McDonald's 6776 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA


McDonald's McCafe Coffee Company is dedicated to delicious coffee and espresso blends. Their caffeinated cups of Joe are brewed from premium java beans. McDonalds McCafe is not just selling coffee in the United States but also helping thousands of farmers in Central America and Guatemala by providing specialed training in coffee beans production and yield. The aim has been to provide great tasting cups with minmal damageto the environment! This is awesome! McDonalds has teamed up with TechnoServe and SCAN (Sustainable Commodities Assistance Network) for local impact of growing java beans. While the vast masses of McDonalds beans come from Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Brazil, the the McCafe company is looking to enhance prices, menus, and continue to gain good reviews of their beans! If you like McDonalds McCafe - leave them a review today! The CaptainMocha java stores locator lists this store at 6776 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

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6776 Hollywood Blvd,
Honolulu, California 90028

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