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  • Great Coffee!


Open Daily: 6:30am - 9:00pm


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Brittany  Richardson Brittany Richardson
Santa Cruz, California
Verve is AWESOME

Verve and a book store down the street - perfect! Verve is not only of the best tasting, but they brew some seriously strong and robust coffee.

January 2015

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Captain Mocha Coffee Captain Mocha Coffee
Santa Cruz, California
Verve Coffee Roasters - One of the BEST in SC

Verve Coffee Roasters is one the best coffee shops I've EVER been to! The shops are very modern with a rustic tough - the coffee is always string and seriously robust! They also roast Ethiopian which are some of the strongest coffee beans in the world. I learned this from Ryan, one of the owners of Verve Coffee Roasters. This guy is serious about the coffee bean. He was like Willie Wonka for coffee beans...pretty cool. This place wasnt around when I was in undergrad at UCSC, but I wouldve studied all day and night! Now I go to the Verve to get some work done on or some SEO stuff. VERY cool spot and awesome coffee!

November 2014

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2 Reviews


(831) 464-8141

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